The Foundation is pleased to offer our grantees the opportunity to share information about their grant on our website.  We hope it will offer the public increased visibility for your work.

Terms and Conditions. This form is intended for those who have received a Puffin Foundation grant.  By filling out this form, you will be requesting Puffin to post information about your granted project on our web site.  Please fill out the form carefully.  It includes the option to provide an email address for the public to contact you, as well as providing an email address for the Foundation to use internally that would not be made public.  Note that if you include personally identifiable information in your public content, it can be used and viewed by others.   We are not responsible for the information you choose to include in public content.  The Foundation reserves the right to edit any submissions for size and appropriate content.  If you wish to give photo, audio or video credit for submissions, such credit should be included in your text under the description of your project.

Puffin People

Perry Rosenstein

President, Board of Directors

Perry was born in the Bronx to Polish émigrés who instilled in him a tremendous work ethic and a passion for social justice. In World War Two, Perry served in the South Pacific, and with the help of the GI Bill he earned a Bachelor's degree from Indiana University and subsequently a Masters degree in education from Long Island University. Read more.

Gladys Miller-Rosenstein

Executive Director, Board of Directors

Gladys earned her Masters in education from New York University and spent twenty-five years teaching in the public schools of New York City and Rockland County. As Executive Director, Gladys oversees the day-to-day activities of the Puffin Foundation, as well as those of the Puffin Cultural Forum. She also plays a key role in Puffin’s grantmaking. Read more.

Neal Rosenstein

Vice President, Board of Directors

Neal Rosenstein, son of Puffin President Perry Rosenstein, has been involved with the Puffin Foundation since its inception. As Vice President of the Board, he helps oversee the Foundation’s grant program and assists in the implementation of Puffin’s many special projects. A Brooklyn native and the father of two absolutely perfect children, he also consults for the New York Public Interest Research Group on its electoral reform advocacy. Neal has served on the Board of the Teaneck Creek Conservancy (currently as its Treasurer) since its beginning in 2001.

Andrew Lee

Director, The Puffin Cultural Forum

Andrew originally joined the Puffin Foundation as an intern, and was then hired as a Grant Manager. His talent for curation was recognized when he was chosen to direct the activities of the Puffin Cultural Forum, including art exhibitions, performances, and community engagement events. Originally from NYC, Andrew is now proud to call New Jersey his home.

Melissa Lynαm

Assistant Director, The Puffin Cultural Forum

Melissa holds a bachelor's degree in Communication Arts with a concentration in Design & Interactive Media from Ramapo College of New Jersey. She has worked at The Puffin Foundation, Ltd. since 2010, assisting during concerts and designing calendars and promotional materials.

Patti Maciejunes

Office Administrator

If you call Puffin’s Teaneck office, the first person you’ll speak with will probably be Patti. She has been with Puffin since 1994. Patti is responsible for all aspects of administrative work at Puffin, including entering the multitude of grant proposals received each year into the foundation’s database. When something in the office needs to be located, Patti is bound to know where it is.

Peter N. Carroll, PhD

Special Consultant to the Puffin Foundation and the Advisory Committee of the Puffin Gallery of Social Activism at the Museum of the City of New York. Facilitator of the Puffin Advisory Board

Peter is an author, historian, and poet. Since 1994, he has collaborated on various Puffin-funded projects, including the Puffin-Nation Prize for Creative Citizenship and the ALBA/Puffin Award for Human Rights Activism. He is Chair Emeritus of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives (ALBA), an educational non-profit, and teaches history and film at Stanford University as well as professional development courses related to social studies, human rights, and social justice. He lives in northern California with the writer/photographer Jeannette Ferrary.

Moshe Banai, PhD

Creator of the Puffin Educational Forum and a member of the Puffin Advisory Board

Moshe is an expert in the field of Global Management. He has taught at universities in a dozen different countries and consulted for major organizations throughout the world. He has also conducted extensive research, the results of which have appeared in 80 academic book chapters and journals, and currently serves as the associate editor of the academic journal International Studies of Management and Organization.

Rachel Banai

Staff Educator and Photographer

Rachel is an award-winning artist whose works have been displayed in over 50 group and solo shows in the USA, Israel, Russia, China, and Germany. Rachel has trained generations of students in her classes and teaches a very popular Nature Art class at Puffin. She has also served as a resident artist at the Art Center of Peter’s Valley in New Jersey. Rachel was trained at the prestigious International Center of Photography in New York City where she worked for seven years.

Ilene Richman, MSW

Special Advisor to the Board of Directors

Ilene started working with Puffin in 2017. She is involved in a variety of projects such as proposal cultivation and reviewing, and also shares her expertise regarding organizational issues. Ilene holds a Masters of Social Work with a specialty in organizational leadership and is also an educator and in the field of fertility management and sexuality. Since 2014, she has been the executive director of the Association of Fertility Awareness Professionals. Ilene lives in Brooklyn where she is a community organizer and spends inordinate amounts of time rescuing cats.

Peter Kukle

Construction Coordinator

Peter has been working with the Puffin Foundation from the very beginning. He was responsible for the.remodeling of the interior of the Puffin Cultural Forum space as well as art installations in the environs of the Teaneck office. Peter holds a degree in Botany from UC Davis and is a certified Wetlands Delineator; he’s also NJ board certified as a Tree Expert. Peter is a licensed contractor and specializes in historically-sensitive renovations. He encourages everyone to go green by acting locally and thinking globally.