The Foundation is pleased to offer our grantees the opportunity to share information about their grant on our website. We hope it will offer the public increased visibility for your work.

Terms and Conditions. This form is intended for those who have received a Puffin Foundation grant. By filling out this form, you will be requesting Puffin to post information about your granted project on our web site. Please fill out the form carefully. It includes the option to provide an email address for the public to contact you, as well as providing an email address for the Foundation to use internally that would not be made public. Note that if you include personally identifiable information in your public content, it can be used and viewed by others. We are not responsible for the information you choose to include in public content. The Foundation reserves the right to edit any submissions for size and appropriate content. If you wish to give photo, audio or video credit for submissions, such credit should be included in your text under the description of your project.

Parkland Students win Puffin Prize for Creative Citizenship
The Parkland Student Activists are the winners of the 2018 Puffin Prize... more
Don't miss out on this great Puffin-sponsored event at the Museum of the City of New York
When: Thursday, November 8, 6:30pmPrice: $15 General Admission | $10 for Museum... more
Join us in Honoring the Parkland Students Dec. 11th. Tickets Still Available.
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