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The Journey Home Project

Lindsey Dunnagan
Year Grant Awarded 2015

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For the past year, I have collected locations from people in North Texas and beyond, including various student groups and a refugee center in Dallas. Now their names and “ideas of home” have been painted onto a large-scale installation that forms a labyrinth.

When visitors walk through the painted translucent walls, they may find a location that holds significance to them while also experience other places that are cherished. In this way, the project presents the world as a treasure and a place to discover; it intimates a deep connection we have with each other and the planet.

Additionally, participants will be an integral part of the work as the translucent painted maps and moving silhouettes mimic memory and layers of subconscious. Through the panels, visitors will see shapes of other people traversing the same course. The visual of blurred and moving people beyond the translucent walls serves as a metaphor for the loss of the past.

On opening night, visitors who haven't yet participated will be invited to donate their special place. I will then make two new panels with these locations and install them 2 weeks after the opening.