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Tribute to the Disappeared

Andrea Arroyo's "Tribute to the Disappeared"
Year Grant Awarded 2020

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Tribute to the Disappeared is an art project in honor of the disappeared in Mexico -from the 43 students in Ayotzinapa to the women of Juarez- and other victims of violence and injustice around the world.
The project was founded in November 2014, after forty-three students from the Ayotzinapa Teachers College, in Mexico, where disappeared by Mexican police on September 26, 2014. The project is curated and managed independently by Andrea Arroyo.
Tribute to the Disappeared aims to bring public attention to the epidemic of violence that claims thousands of lives through injustice, war, poverty and displacement.
For Tribute to the Disappeared, the concept of “disappearance” is broad, including forced disappearances, as well as non-literal disappearances such as “invisibility” and dehumanization done through discrimination, injustice and violence.
Tribute to the Disappeared has three components, a permanent online exhibition, a series of gallery exhibitions and a series of public workshops.
Over 350 international artists as well as many collectives are participating, including emerging and established artists and people from the community. Works include paintings, collages, photographs, sculptures, embroideries, poems, songs performance and public interventions.
Exhibitions: Ongoing – Online exhibition.
2016 City University, NYC; Marshal University, WV (Upcoming)
2015 The Malcolm X & Dr. Betty Shabazz Center, NYC; New York University; “Caravana43”, NYC; “43 Cultural events for Ayotzinapa” Mexico; “Creative Hands in Solidarity with Ayotzinapa” School of Folk Arts, Mexico.
2014 La Casa Azul, NYC.
Public Talks / Workshops
2016 “Andrea Arroyo, Tribute to the Disappeared” Sackler Center for Feminist Art, Brooklyn Art Museum.
2015 The New School for Social Research; Columbia University; Mano a Mano, Mexican Culture Without Borders; Fort Tryon Park, The Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance; John Jay College of Criminal Justice; Touro Graduate School of Social Work;