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“Enduring Spirit – dance of two nations” is a cross-cultural dance event which interweaves pow-wow dancers and modern dancers in a tale spanning four centuries of contact between Native Americans and Europeans. The resulting rich tapestry of American history combines dance with talks by native elders who address the legacy of dance within their culture. The piece was performed before native and non-native communities in Washington and Idaho.

Directed by dancer Leah Smiley Tubbs of Van Nuys, CA, Project S.O.L.E. is an afterschool program that introduces girls 7-16 to ballet, modern dance, dance history and music appreciation. Designed to offset the negative influences young girls are exposed to in the media, these free classes for girls of low-income families provide positive reinforcement and an exposure to the artistic discipline of dance.

“Palenque” a dance piece presented at the La Mama Moves Dance Festival, is a combination of folkloric and contemporary movement that expresses through dance and song the challenges faced by the Cuban community, Cuba’s history of slavery, and the cultural differences of the island nation. This work was created for the Afro- Cuban Folklore Dance Ensemble, Oyo Oro by artistic director and choreographer La Mora Danys Perez. “Palenque” contains a social message that brings an awareness of Cuban life to audiences rarely exposed to the culture.
These are only some highlights of the Dance grants given in 2007.