Genres Theater

The Rights of Spring

The Puppeteers Cooperative

Year Grant Awarded: 2011

The Rights of Spring is a giant puppet pageant, with the same name but a different plot each year. It features an issue-driven plot, and participation by puppeteers, youth and school groups, and the audience. Read More

1931- by Claire and Paul Sifton

The ReGroup Theatre Company

Year Grant Awarded: 2012

The ReGroup presented this 80+ year old play about mass unemployment to tremendous response in Oct 2012. Originally presented by the Group Theatre, the play resonated now more than it did when opens during the Great Depression. Read More

Street Theater Summer Tour of “LIBERTY Or JUST US, A City Parks Story”

Theater for the New City

Year Grant Awarded: 2016

TNC’s Street Theater productions are always a bouncy joyride through the undulations of the body politic, with astute commentary couched in satire and song. They are delightfully suited for family entertainment, with children and neighborhood people as the heroes. Read More

“Another Life”

Theater Three Collaborative

Year Grant Awarded: 2012

"Another Life", "stinging and satiric",is a poetic and surreal play based on fact about the U.S. torture program. Written and directed by Karen Malpede, starring George Bartenieff, produced with Festivals of Conscience by Theater Three Collaborative. Read More

Extreme Whether

Theater Three Collaborative

Year Grant Awarded: 2013

"Extreme Whether" is a family drama in which a famous climate scientist, John Bjornson, battles his twin sister, Jeanne, a publicist for the energy industry, over land and climate change. Read More

Nonsense and Beauty


Year Grant Awarded: 2022

...a tale of love and forgiveness. Read More

The Last Gatekeeper

Toussaint, Germono

Year Grant Awarded: 2022

The Last Gatekeeper is a three-act, extended-reality (XR) enhanced, Afro-futurist, musical inspired by the teachings of West African shaman and scholar Malidoma Patrice Somé. Read More

September Twelfth (2014)

Up Theater Company

Year Grant Awarded: 2013

A workshop and performance of the new play by Rich Rubin in which the widow of a firefighter is challenged when she attempts to move on from the shadow of her martyred husband. Read More


UP Theater Company, Inc.

Year Grant Awarded: 2018

In a refugee detention center deep in the heart of Texas, two teens from different lands form a bond to help each other fight off dangers from within its walls - and without. Read More


Voyage Theater Company

Year Grant Awarded: 2012

As a featured event of Russian-American History Month, Voyage Theater Company paid tribute to the survivors of the Siege of Leningrad in a rare bilingual production of MY POOR MARAT (МОЙ БЕДНЫЙ МАРАТ) by esteemed Russian playwright Aleksei Arbuzov. Read More

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