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The Purge: Vanishing America’s Minority Voters – Palast Investigative Fund

Palast Investigative Fund

Year Grant Awarded: 2019

Greg Palast and his team uncover vote theft, through undercover investigative journalism, documenting the crimes for film and print with support from the Puffin Foundation. Read More

Women At The Wheel: Stories of remarkable women shattering cultural roadblocks and gendered assumptions

Pat Benincasa

Year Grant Awarded: 2017

This award-winning video is based on thirteen paintings by artist, Pat Benincasa, of women who defied spirit-crushing social norms to invent, race and design their way into automotive history. Read More


Patz, Naomi

Year Grant Awarded: 2017

“The Last Cyclist,” a fabulous piece of theater and vital piece of Holocaust history, is a filmed production of a cabaret originally written and rehearsed in the Terezín Ghetto. A searing refutation of Nazi madness, it is brilliantly acted, bitterly funny, and caustic to the bone. Read More

From Script to Screen

Phoenix Ensemble Inc.

Year Grant Awarded: 2015

From Script to Screen is a series of workshops teaching the basics of film production to urban middle-school students in Jersey City, New Jersey, which will result in a short film that will be professionally edited and entered in film contests. Read More

Cowboys (stars)

Pioneers Go East Collective

Year Grant Awarded: 2019

Cowboys (stars) is a short film documentary featuring the compelling story of activist and drag performance artist Agosto Machado. Agosto regales us with a tapestry of stories from the Gay Liberation Movement, Stonewall, and firsthand descriptions of activists Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson. Read More

No Human Involved

PJ Starr

Year Grant Awarded: 2017

No Human Involved is a feature length documentary about a woman destroyed by a 27-month prison sentence for prostitution in Arizona and the tenacity of those who fight for justice in her name through public art and other forms of activism. Video can be viewed at Read More

Puppetry in Practice Stop-Motion Animation Artist Residency

Puppetry in Practice

Year Grant Awarded: 2015

Puppetry in Practice reaches approximately 20 NYC schools with its diverse arts-based and literacy-driven programming. More than half request Stop-Motion Animation or Film projects. This program improves digital literacy and creativity. Read More

A Holocaust Journey: Lessons We Learned

Reznik, Lisa

Year Grant Awarded: 2017

A Holocaust Journey: Lessons We Learned presents a group of students who traveled to Berlin/Poland with the aim of trying to comprehend the reality of the Holocaust. We filmed the reactions of the students and interviewed them two years later about their experiences traveling with their professors. Read More

Remembering the 4th Ward, Englewood NJ

Sam Lee / Encounters In Black Traditions

Year Grant Awarded: 2010

Englewood folklorist Thomas Monroe talks with 4th Ward elder Mrs. Edna Dobbins Floyd. The interview takes place in the house she was born in. A project of Encounters In Black Traditions, made possible in part with the support of the Puffin Foundatio Read More

Lonnie Holley: The Southern Folk Art Legend (2014)

Schear, Theo

Year Grant Awarded: 2013

Powered by the Puffin Foundation, Theo Schear and a group of student musicians from the University of Michigan will visit the world renowned artist Lonnie Holley to collaborate on a short documentary film in March 2015. Read More

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