‘A Study of Form in Light and Shadow’

‘A Study of Form in Light and Shadow:  It is in this state of ‘Natural Chaos’ that we as a society react to becoming a catalyst for societal and environmental change.  This embodiment of ‘chaotic reactive change’ allows for society to embrace a new order – new beginnings.  As light passes into shadow and shadow into light, man is able to choose – ‘the path.’

In such a way, turning left into darkness – allows a trajectory of destructive order embracing short term gain and a figurative throw of the universal dice into a chaotic future.  Conversely, turning right into the light – equally sets the path into an eventual destructive order, even while, embracing a hopeful long term gain with equal unknown results. Essentially choosing another form of chaos.

These two paths of ‘natural chaos’ will define what will become of our species.  We are more than a group, a culture or a race.  In fact, ‘we are society’ and in society we will then define ‘what we will become.’  Either by the few or the many.

The imagery I create, both two and three dimensionally,  is designed to change. In a sense it is time sensitive. Literally, the art will change as the light changes in direction and intensity… ‘as the day changes into night.’  The light brings clarity to the form and in so greater understanding is gained to assess meaning to the form. The use of light sensitive mediums (ie; broken glass, resin, discarded plastic, lacquer, varnish, colored cellophane, polycrylic crystal finish, etc.) allows me to utilize qualities of ‘transitional-light.’ Literally, to see change in form through the passing of time and atmosphere on imagery.

‘Change’… is ever present. Change is constant. Change defines form. It is through thought, what I call ‘utterances’ as the first step to creating a new path. From the ‘thought-utterance’ form is created and meaning is ascribed to the form as being either negative or positive. Change and light then defines form which defines meaning which defines action and… defines understanding. Change then occurs… and occurs.

My belief as an individual and an artist is a combination of free will and spiritual beliefs, that personal responsibility and discipline is crucial and, that there are things that are not rational in this world.  Yet, we must choose ‘the rational path’ understanding that we are stepping into chaos and by stepping into chaos we define our next series of steps. It is literally chaos to chaos. Each path brings us into a clearer understanding of who we are and what we are becoming – by passing through chaos.

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