“Anything But Brilliant: a love story”

“A middle-aged playwright, Sam, has recently lost his lifelong partner, Jesse. In the post funeral days of Jesse’s death, Sam returns to finish a script which holds the chemistry and alchemy of their life together. From behind the typewriter, Sam embarks on a dizzying journey where the lines between what’s real and the world of the theatre begin to merge–an enchanted place where he is able to relive his bond with Jesse. Layers upon layers of fiction bury the two men in a cloud of poignant memories cut with honest truth. With the miraculous visitation of his dead cat, Noodles, Sam gets one last chance to face the truth of his grief and to move beyond his sorrow-induced seductive dream-world. What does the face of death look like?

A theatrical kaleidoscope, Anything But Brilliant uses song, poetry and experimental staging to tell the story of love between two men in life, in death and in letting go.”

Over the past eight years, Lights Up! Productions has become known for performance art that engages minds and moves hearts.

Lights Up! is committed to bringing challenging social issues to the stage through unique artistic vision and exacting stagecraft. Past topics include social diversity, homosexuality, assisted suicide, child abuse among many others.

At the heart of Lights Up! are partners in life and work, Bobby and Tyler Ryan. Their personal and professional mission is to address and advance issues concerning diversity through original theatre, film and mixed media; to bridge gaps between the technical and artistic crews by encouraging a sense of community; and to stimulate audiences intellectually and passionately through entertainment.

Anything But Brilliant is made possible by generous support of Ronni Lacroute, Leonard & Susan Magazine, Corey Brunish, Fractured Atlas, Puffin Foundation, WillaKenzie Estates, Portland Actors Conservatory, Regional Arts and Culture Council and Work for Art.