The Goddess Unbound: No BITCH Here Project ©

“The Goddess Unbound: No BITCH Here Project©, supported by The Puffin Foundation, Ltd., is a revolutionary social change multimedia initiative with a global mission to amplify the voices of women that reject sexist language, such as the word “bitch” and terms like “bad bitch.”

Through the artistic lens of photography and film, The Goddess Unbound: No BITCH Here Project© is rewriting the narrative of women to capture and uplift the sacred, authentic, powerful and affirmative identities each woman possesses, while propelling this movement of resistance against the perpetuation of inherently sexist language.

This project, Created, Founded and Produced by Jamekaa Flowers, uses photography and film to 1) capture the lives and stories of women in Washington, D.C. to highlight how they reject inherently sexist language in private and public spaces and 2) address the “bad bitch” phenomenon and the reappropriation of the word “bitch” to challenge our society to release the word from our psyches, vocabularies and our spirits.

This is a movement to challenge our society to embrace and honor the sacredness of all women and unite women globally through the #goddessmovement. #nobitchhereproject

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