Grantee tags U.S.-Mexico border

Promised Land

Elmaleh, Lisa

Year Grant Awarded: 2022

Promised Land is a series of landscapes along the US- Mexico border and portraits of those whose lives have been affected by US policies. Read More


Year Grant Awarded: 2022

1,785 used 1,785 black water bottles carried by migrants as they crossed the Sonoran Desert in Arizona and then confiscated when they were caught and arrested by the U.S. Border Patrol. Read More

Small Town, Turn Away

Medina, Dolissa

Year Grant Awarded: 2019

A documentary portrait of the filmmaker’s Mexican-American border hometown of Brownsville, Texas 30 years after she left as a queer teenager, following in the footsteps of a cousin who died from AIDS. Meditating on home, history and migration, the director explores how place can exile and embrace. Read More