Investigative Journalism

The Puffin Foundation Ltd. has embarked on a major commitment to quality educational journalism. The Foundation’s First Amendment Fund supports the work of a variety of publications and independent journalists.

The Puffin Foundation Ltd. in cooperation with Type Media Center (formerly The Nation Institute), has created a long-running program for new writing Fellows. Underwritten by Puffin, the Fellows focus on a wide variety of investigative reporting projects. The Foundation also supports Type Media’s Investigative Fund which produces in-depth journalism for a variety of publications including the Nation Magazine. Puffin also supports the The Nation Magazine’s StudentNation initiative, which provides a unique space to young journalists and activist-writers to reflect on their own issues, campaigns, struggles, and victories.

Jewish Currents is a publication devoted to the thought, activism, and culture of the Jewish left that Puffin has supported for decades. We are particularly proud of an endowment, created by Puffin’s founder Perry Rosenstein, to help ensure the ongoing publication of their print magazine. We are now delighted to announce the launch of their new Puffin Foundation Investigative Fund that will enable them to deepen their reporting on issues related to institutional power and policy.

Since their inception in 1976, In These Times has been informing progressive political thought through their coverage of controversial issues in areas such as labor, climate, and Black Lives Matter.  In an era when independent media is more vital than ever, Puffin support has enabled ITT to secure a permanent home, helped them provide free subscriptions to union members, and facilitated the expansion of their exceptional investigative journalism. 

Additional Support

Additional support for Investigative Journalism includes: Democracy Now to help expand their radio, cable and on-line audiences; Mother Jones to help inform the public about the corrosive influence of corporate money on our democracy and for investigative reporting; The American Prospect, for creation of a Puffin/Prospect Writing Fellow focusing on money, politics and special interest lobbying; The Economic Hardship Reporting Project, headed by Barbara Ehrenreich which reports on common sense solutions to poverty in America; Dissent; Jacobin; and investigative reporter Greg Palast for his comprehensive work on the corruption of our electoral democracy, and the dark world of the financial and oil industries. Puffin is also proud to have created a major endowment for In These Times with the purchase of their own building and through our ongoing support of their coverage of a wide array of informative topics.

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