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Update 1/11/21

Puffin’s 2021 artist grant cycle is now closed.  We will notify applicants on the determination of their proposals on a rolling basis in a process that will likely last until summer. In September, we will open our grant cycle process for 2022 funding. We anticipate accepting proposals in the following disciplines, but this will not be finalized until mid-summer: Fine Arts, Theater, Photography & Music. Please check back on our website in July for updated information.

2020/2021 Corona Related Grant Cycle Update

We will be running two grant ‘cycles’ concurrently (2020 Reapply & 2021). Grantees will be notified on a rolling basis as we review applications. Notifications for grants approved or denied will begin in January and we aim to have them completed by July. See FAQ page for more info.

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in the grant award program of the Puffin Foundation.

The 2020 grant cycle is now closed. For the upcoming 2021 cycle we will review grants only in the following fields: Video/Film & Environmental. The Puffin Foundation, Ltd. continues to make grants that encourage emerging artists whose works might have difficulty being aired due to their genre and/or social philosophy.  Your potential application should meet this criteria. You can find out additional information about our grants using the FAQ section of the website located under the ‘Grants Info’ tab.

Application forms are not available electronically, but can be requested by sending a SASE (#10 business letter sized, self-addressed stamped envelope) to the address below beginning in September 2020 (for the 2021 cycle). Requests for application forms must be received by December 15, 2020. Completed applications for the 2021 cycle will be accepted from September 1 until the deadline of December 31, 2020  postmarked by midnight. Applications postmarked after this date will not be reviewed.

After September 1st, to receive an application packet please send a SASE (#10 self-addressed stamped envelope) to:

The Puffin Foundation, Ltd.
2021 Application Request
20 Puffin Way
Teaneck, NJ 07666

The Foundation requests that previous grantees allow a one-year hiatus prior to reapplication. This allows our grants to be available to an even wider number of applicants. Applicants may only submit one proposal per year. Requests for the same project should not be made by multiple applicants.

Grants from the The Puffin Foundation, Ltd. can only be awarded to permanent residents and citizens of the United States. U.S. citizens whose projects encompass work in other countries are still eligible to apply.

We are not able to provide status reports about the disposition of submitted applications, so PLEASE do not call seeking such information. Applicants will be notified on an ongoing basis about the decision on their application from January 15th through July.

The Foundation does not have the means to fund large film/documentary proposals, grants for travel, continuing education, or the writing or publishing of books. Average grants are approximately $1,250. The maximum grant size is $2,500. Please note that organizations with an annual budget of more than $500,000 and any project whose total budget exceeds $250,000 are not eligible for funding.

We thank you again for your interest.


Gladys Miller-Rosenstein, Executive Director

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