3 Volumes

The fingers of capitalism touch every aspect of our lives–the artists in this group exhibition at Rosalux Gallery in Minneapolis, MN explored our collective experience living in its grasp. The works, curated by Priscilla Briggs from submissions for an international call for photo-based works and drawings for the zine series Dollars and Sense, explored themes of consumerism, social justice, and the environment.

The 18 participating artists include: Miranda Brandon (Minneapolis, MN), Capucine Bourcart (New York, NY), Eilis Crean (Carrollton, GA), Jasper Fazio (Alexandria, VA), Jon Feinstein (Seattle, WA), Shoshana Fink (Minneapolis, MN), Judith Hornbogen (Leipzig, Germany), Stephen Joyce (Hudson Valley, NY), Elise Kirk (Lawrence, KS), Shanna Merola (Detroit, MI), Katerina Messini (Athens, Greece), John Morris (Newnan, GA), Ellen Mueller (Minneapolis, MN), Sonya Naumann (Los Angeles, CA), Areca Roe (Mankato, MN), Serena Small (Minneapolis, MN), Krista Steinke (Houston, TX), and Ojaswa Thapliyal (New Delhi, India).

3 VOLUMES is a set of zines that was released in conjunction with the exhibition. The above and following artists contributed artwork to the zines: Ross Bradley (Dublin, Ireland), Susan Carr (Boston), Cora Hentges (St. Peter, MN), Madelyn Kimber (Normal, IL), Hannah Latham (Boston, MA), Róisín Nolan (Dublin, Ireland), Ryan Otero-Price (Orlando, FL), Hey Yeon Shin (Calgary, Canada), Jeanette Shustack-Allred (Philadelphia, PA), and Savvas Verdis (London, England). The zines also feature the poetry of Ed Bok Lee, Taylor Johnson, and Alissa Quart