365 Release Project

As part of my mindfulness practice, I have been doing something I call 365 Release, which is where I am giving one thing away each day for 1 year. The purpose of this practice is to teach me, with intentionality, how to practice non-attachment, letting go, and change.

The guidelines I have made for myself in regard to what I release are as follows:
It cannot be “perishable” (e.g. food, tickets to shows, flights, etc.)
It cannot be money.
It must be a physical object (e.g. clothes, books, supplies).
It must be something I have had for at least 1 year.
It must be given away, not sold.
I will not give away something that someone has given to me.

I have kept a photo blog and journal of each day, describing each item, why I have held onto it, and lessons learned with each letting go, since the beginning of this project on September 8, 2010.

This practice has proved inspiring to many people around me, and I believe a wonderful tool to share in the practice of mindfulness.

Additional Websites: http://www.ykhong.com/ykart, http://tedxtalks.ted.com/video/TEDxSIT-YK-Hong-How-Having-Noth