365 Release

As an artist, I have been drawing communities that do not have traditional access to galleries by grassroots organizing, event planning and connecting my vast network of contacts with the simple message of showing support. This has led to impressive attendances at galleries, and gallery owners inviting me to become members of the galleries because of the sensational draw I provided during my exhibitions.

This project has always been a personal practice, which is the very reason for its attraction to a broader community as it is unassuming, carries a personal history, and inspires others through example. After starting this project, many people have come to me to talk about how they too can initiate their own 365 Release in their lives.
All of my artwork, including the exhibit in this proposal, requires a continuous conversation between myself the artist and the audience. This is because the content is highly personal, often specific, and more meaningful when accompanied by a dialogue.

My objective is to reach a broader community by incorporating an inspirational personal journey into the format of an artistic conversation. In addition to communicating a message of encouragement, my goal is to also illustrate visually that 365 days can add up to a lifetime of letting go of objects, that it is immensely freeing, and that it is tangible enough to be accessible to everyone.

Additional Websites: http://www.ykhong.com/ykart, http://www.ykhong.com