Amazonomachy is a term that refers to Ancient Greeks battling the Amazon women, a theme frequently used in Greek art. Greeks viewed the defeat of the Amazon warriors as a metaphor for civilized man overcoming barbarianism. For this show, I am reversing the theme and applying it to the modern day fight against breast cancer. In these depictions, I show the Amazons, who I use to represent those afflicted with the disease, literally fighting against breast cancer. To prepare themselves for battle, the Amazons would amputate their right breast to more accurately shoot their arrows, just as many women today must endure the loss of breasts or hair to improve their chances of recovery. To honor the strength and determination of women facing this disease, I depict those struggling against breast cancer just as Greek myth does the Amazon fighters: strong.
The goal of this project is to celebrate the strength and sisterhood that have come out of the movement for breast cancer awareness. Over the years I have seen breast cancer research evolve from humble beginnings to year-round fundraising for research. It has moved beyond focusing simply on the disease to treating also the women themselves, their family, and friends, including them in a worldwide sisterhood of fighters and survivors. Like the legendary Amazons of ancient Greek culture, these women going through the journey to defeat breast cancer have shown the world what real strength is. A portion of the sales from this event will go to local breast cancer research.

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