“Anonymous” explores issues of sexuality, wounding and identity in young women’s lives, reflecting difference and diversity of attitude within this demographic, touching on an intergenerational shift between these women and their older counterparts. Directed by Iu-Hui Chua, with voiceover and text by Susan-Jane Harrison, this piece is a collaborative work with undergraduate and graduate women students from University of California Davis on their personal stories of womanhood.

The goal of this work was to empower young women to educate themselves on their rights, to value what they have to offer, and to step forward into positions of leadership and influence. Inspiration drawn from the process of creating this piece resulted in two cast members creating a support group for sexually abused women. One of these students, Kristen Rulifson, also created the Gender Gap Awareness Project, a project that introduces dance and science simultaneously through a creative process that heals as well as encourages young women to challenge gender roles. This program has been implemented through a partnership formed between Emerson middle school and undergraduate UC Davis students. Rulifson was asked to share and develop the GGAP at the Clinton Global Initiative University Conference.

Created and performed by Monica Ammerman, Visnja Cynthia Arellanes, Nicole Casado, Iu-Hui Chua, Micaela Cirimeli, Grey Collins, Christine Germain, Lauren Godla, Susan-Jane Harrison, Manami Ii, Jaki Joanino, Avery Lincoln, Maribel Lopez, Terre Parker, Kristen Rulifson, and Stephanie Treen. Full-length work – 45 mins. Main Stage, UC Davis, 2013

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