“Another Life”

“Another Life” was excerpted in the Kenyon Review, and received a first reading at Dixon Place. The play had a week-long workshop at the National Theater of Kosovo before receiving three performances, Sept. 8-11,2011, at the Gerald W. Lynch Theater, John Jay College, as a centerpiece of the Art of Justice: 9/1 Performance Project. In March, 2012, “Another Life” was presented at the Irondale Center, Brooklyn, for 13 performances. In March-April, 2013, “Another Life” had 15 performances at Theater for the New City. In July, 2013, “Another Life” will go to London for 2 performances at the RADA Festival of New Works. The play is always produced along with a Festival of Conscience, featuring major human rights and antitorture and antiwar activists and lawyers for Guantanamo detainnees (Michael Ratner, Darius Rejali, former Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman, Mark Danner, Ramzi Kassem,Pardiss Kabriaei among a long and distinquished list). Both “Another Life” and the Festivals of Conscience are produced by Theater Three Collaborative, Karen Malpede and George Bartenieff, co-founders. The play and production have been widely praised by audiences and activists. We have made a choice not to invite daily theater reviewers, but to run on the enthusiasm of our audiences and the human rights world.

“Another Life” features a tour de force performance by the noted American actor, George Bartenieff, in the role of Handel, the Cheneyesque mogul, who founds the private contracting firm “Deepwater” and cashes in on the post-9/11 Global War on Terror. Handel’s adopted daughter, Lucia, loses her fiance in the 9/11 attacks, bu goes on to become a physician at the Bagram Air Force Base toture site where she is involved in the torture of Abu Zubaydah. She later joins the ICRC (Red Cross) and becomes a whistleblower by releasing a Red Cross Torture Report to the press.