ArtSourced: Call Center

In the global economy, outsourcing often takes the form of call centers that provide customer and technical support, marketing and outreach services to clients normally based in developed countries. However, despite the pervasiveness of call centers and our reliance on their diverse services, very little in contemporary art has explored the dynamic between client and agent, a relationship often fraught with many unspoken cultural assumptions pertaining to legitimacy, education, and creativity. Taking the call center as its inspiration, “ArtSourced: Call Center” is a collaborative project that will function as exhibition, performance, meeting space, and social sculpture in which creative blocks and artistic difficulties are solved, in other words, an actual call center for artists, based initially in Manila, the international call center capital. “ArtSourced” will present the process of creative/art problem-solving as a live performance and space that facilitates, documents, and explores the creative exchange between “agent” and “client.”

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