Blacken The Bubble

Blacken the Bubble​ is an affirmative action comedy set in a “post racial” America. Mega-company Firm Glass is in danger of losing government contracts due to the lack of diversity in their workplace. When they hire Trevor Washington, an African-American, they think their diversity issue is solved. However, when Mr. Washington fails to fill in his race on his paperwork, the office takes desperate measures to convince Trevor to blacken the “correct” bubble. As political correctness flies out the window, everyone—black, white, straight, gay—discovers “inclusion” might be a lot more than they bargained for.

Through a satirical lens, Blacken the Bubble examines and questions the current notion of a “Post-Racial America”, a phrase coined after the election of President Obama. The play does this by challenging the audience to take part in a complex conversation surrounding issues of race, class, sexuality, gender, and identity in the workplace. This play is ideal for the Harlem community because the themes of the play parallel a dialogue currently happening in the community. Thus, art is used as means of activism and community engagement. ​

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