Body Politic

The exhibition presents a series of collaborative prints, all focused on political themes associated with the figurative nude. Using letterpress, screen print, and woodcut, these prints reference broadsides and use the impact of print-media to destabilize current ideas on gender roles and our bodies.Ā 

Mailing these prints back and forth from Indiana to Montana, the artists are responding to one another and these topics layer by layer, building a dialogue across the country and within each print. Stark, nude figures are combined with bold, aggressive text that challenge the expectations which are put upon them.

Body Politic was exhibited at the University of Akron as a part of the Mid America Print Council Conference in the Fall of 2022, and at CUNY College of Staten Island, NY and the Joan Derryberry Gallery at Tennessee Tech College, TN in 2023. It has been written about in Maake Magazine, and an exhibition catalog of the project was produced by the College of Staten Island CUNY. Body Politic is scheduled to be exhibited at the Missoula Art Museum, MT and Whitney Center for the Arts at Sheridan College, WY in 2024.