It is my intention to create an experience for the viewer as they walk along the path and look up at the fabric and imagery. As the viewer walks by, air currents will engage the dangling threads and fabric shapes, and they will move or oscillate in response, thus stimulating a heightened sense of awareness. This breathes life into the work, as the space between the viewer and the work is engaged, awakening the senses and urging a moment of thought and contemplation – a time and space to slow down and reflect. The irony of an image of a tree on sheer fabric is fascinating to me – simultaneously tangible and ephemeral. The core content of my artwork revolves around the figure, and this installation places the viewer into a specific space – beneath the artwork.

Working with various processes (printmaking, drawing and photography, paper and fabric, stitching and staining) my artwork evokes a sensual response. I employ my own vocabulary of forms and personalized symbols – a pin, a color, a sewn line of thread – to reference the sensual experience of the body in time and space. These metaphors instigate a physical experience, creating an intimate dialogue between the content of the object and the perception of the viewer. Materials engage in a physical conversion by the transformation of fluid fabric into an undulating form. By printing photographs onto sheer fabric, I am subverting the tradition of the media, thus pushing the contemporary notion of what a photograph can be.

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