Cages and Cases

The pieces to be created are a reflection from my foray into collage and assemblage, exploring how the visual translates into the tactile. Using upcycled materials that have been touched, handled and later discarded, and transforming them into art that is not removed, isolated, and unobtainable, but art that tells a narrative; that is inviting and familiar.

Art inside of birdcages reflects one’s inability to break free of expectations and the ability to embrace given situations.

Art inside of suitcases encompasses one’s life experiences, be they positive or negative.

Vintage buttons and discarded jewelry adorn many pieces because they themselves have a delicious history, a past where they were once loved immensely before cast aside, only to be rediscovered on a piece of portable art or journal continuing their journey.

Hand stitched journals with pages dyed in decadent liquids such as wine, aged coffee, rose petal waters give character and light fragrance to the pages they infuse.

What comes of this exploration are pieces of art that yearn to not only be touched, but used, and loved.