Cat-Fish II — A humanitarian Mission To Haiti

The mission of Cat-Fish II is focused on one simple idea: To produce building plans for an inexpensive fishing boat designed to enable Third World fishermen to build a catamaran with recycled materials, fish offshore, be more productive, and better feed their families. The Cat-Fish project is essentially a hunger-relief effort.
Oil Drum Art sponsored the building of a 15-foot catamaran prototype. High school students, participating in “Our Piece of the Pie” youth development program, built it at The River Wrights Boat Shop in Hartford as an academic project.
In 2013, U. S. Navy Sea Cadet Corps and Naval League Cadets, 14-17-years of age, using hand tools to simulate working conditions in remote fishing villages, built a larger catamaran. Once the sea trails of the new prototype are completed, Cat-Fish II will sail from Connecticut to Haiti and donated to Aquin fishing community that is in need of a boat.
The 2,250-mile voyage to Haiti will ascertain the catamaran’s seaworthiness and final building plans created and then provided to humanitarian organizations such as the Peace Corps for distribution to Third World fishing villages.
Come join us. Be a Cat-Fish sponsor! Help us make Cat-Fish a reality. We’ll include your name and/or logo on the sail or pontoons for the trip to Haiti. Be part of a great humanitarian mission. Here’s your chance to make a real difference. Visit under “catamaran” for more information about supporting the mission through sponsorship or donation.

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