Communicating the Climate Crisis: Posters envisioning a better world for the next generations

CCC focuses on the wonders of nature and wildlife. The climate crisis we are all living through is terrifying. It is tempting to turn away. These posters engage the viewer with what is endearing, enduring and precious; the aim is to entice one to not look away but to revel in the glory of nature, to delight in the wonder of it all even as we see clearly the threats constantly lurking in the background.

There is a vision of a better future. Let’s create that.

The world is baffling and can be terrifying; the challenge is to not succumb to defeatism. Our younger generations have been subjected to difficult situations (climate defeatism; COVID; everyday gun violence; institutionalizing certain religions and ethnic identities, misogyny, and white supremacy)- yet this can ALL be changed and it will. It is my duty as now an elder to assist youth as they grasp the levers and controls and my work has accordingly turned to depictions of the Youngers and the conviction of a better future.

As work is developed: