Community Arts

ZUMIX is proud to take a leadership role in making arts and culture a more accessible and vital part of local life while providing our youth with opportunities to apply their skills and talents in real-life settings. Engaging with local artists provides a context for our work with young people, helping them connect with local organizing efforts and serving as assets for many local agencies. Through community festivals, summer concerts, cultural events, and collaborative community art projects, our youth earn income as musicians and sound technicians, serve as organizers, promoters, and hosts, and gain the 21st Century Skills necessary to compete in higher education and employment settings.

Community Arts provides a variety of performances, series, and festivals that are as diverse as our community. These events are public transportation and handicap accessible, and free. Our programs utilize East Boston’s beautiful parks and our new performance space to engage audiences in film, visual arts, music, dance, and cultural events. By working together with residents and small business owners who provide us with in-kind products and services, a small but vital arts community has formed.