Connecting Nature and Human Life

My driving force for creating art is my passion for wildlife, environmental welfare, and creating awareness of existence. The work focuses on coexistence, ecological preservation, and inclusion. Through my academic background in fine arts and educational leadership, I am able to teach visual arts in various locations and different age groups. In addition, my upbringing in a third-world country has allowed me to develop a closer approach to sustainability and environmental care. Living in Florida, the ecological corridor has instilled a desire to advocate the importance of safeguarding our region and natural resources. I accomplish this by incorporating such themes in my artwork and educational curriculum. Among my highest goals as an artist is to enlighten and inspire populaces to leave a considerate and concerned footmark on this planet. I realized that when we connect to nature, we connect our inner selves to an awakened state of mind.

Connections in Nature and Human Life, the project fosters awareness about Florida’s wildlife and natural environment; for example, its mangroves and swamplands. The project is achieved by painting Florida’s scenes and creating awareness through exhibitions. Consequently, climate change is happening at a rapid speed. So, there is a necessity as a world citizen and artist to increase the importance of sustainability on the planet, such as in the Everglades and the Florida wildlife. As a result, there is profound upkeep for and regard for flora and fauna and accountability for the sustainable growth of our world’s future existence by supporting our ecosystems and lifecycles to evolve and creating art to explore aspects of the natural world reflected in the human experience in visual narratives. Thus, believing in the mission and vision to preserve natural resources and these expressions may speak to many and raise added consciousness towards nature.

Conclusively, the goalmouth of this project achieved a significant impact of elevating nature through presentations in communal venues, invigorating an innermost wakening. Instilling an appreciation for flora and fauna, also known as mother nature, delivers existence and uplifts life with purpose. Thus, this project gathered a diverse audience, predominately of underserved communities of youth and adults who displayed awe during their visits—indeed, fostering closeness communally. There is deep gratitude towards The Puffin Foundation Ltd. thank you from all.

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