Echo: Shostakovich in Catharsis

Echo is a short film that combines solo violin by Kelly Hall-Tompkins with interpretive aerial dance by Alexandra Peter as a cathartic expression of the emotions surrounding the Black Lives Matter Movement; giving voice to oppression as a way of speaking against it.

Echo was awarded Best Short Dance Film by the Vesuvius International Film Festival in Italy and is currently featured as part Kelly Hall-Tompkins’ segment on WQXR’s Artist Propulsion Lab.

Shostakovich Violin Concerto No. 1 in A Minor- Cadenza

Violin Soloist Kelly Hall-Tompkins
Movement and Choreography Alexandra Peter
Produced and Directed by Elyse Kakacek and Ryan Rivard
Cinematographer Jon O’Sullivan Editor Celine Clarke
Audio Engineer Bill Siegmund, Digital Island Studios