Elemental is a community driven outdoor spectacle that includes original live music, a 14 foot shadow play, masked parade marshals, stilt walkers, giant puppets and a procession of paper bamboo lanterns. These lanterns are built in workshops which are presented in schools and to the general public. The event and the workshops are free in order for people of all economic stripes to participate.

Elemental, which begins at dusk, is a celebration of light and the coming together of community. The goal of the performance is to offer people a chance to walk together in nature

The elements of air, water, earth and fire, represented by giant puppets, bringing the audience on a ethereal journey into the night while carrying the light of their lantern. The performance takes place in Blue Lake with a procession to the Mad River levee and activities along the river. The event will take place on Saturday October 20th and we are expecting to see 400-500 people attending this year.