Extreme Whether

“This is such a powerful play. If the climate justice movement is going to gain traction, it’s going to have to appear in literature, in culture. Dr. Dale Jamieson, Reason in a Dark Time, began his Festival of Conscience talk. We had 16 workshop performances with bare bones design of Extreme Whether; we proved the play’s power to reach activist, student and low income community members. We want to fulfill all esthetic and design elements, expand our Festival of Consciousness (conversations we video and make available for public viewing) and reach larger audiences. Our goals include a longer run of the play, intensive outreach, low ticket prices, in New York City, a tour to Boston area (being planned), dissemination of script and Festival of Conscience format to colleges and theaters.
By presenting a play that addresses the climate crisis, revives our love of nature and calls for a sustainable future. As a John Jay College student wrote: “Extreme Whether places the terrifying astronomical question three feet from us and holds our hand along the way as we, along with the characters in the play, figure out the answer. Four generations worth of characters take into account all generations that would possibly see the play. Though the ages vary, one can easily identify with different parts of each character as well. John’s passion, Rebecca’s intelligence, Annie’s kindness and youth, Jeanne’s fiscal mind and Uncle’s moral righteousness each serve as personal bumpers for the audience as the play continues.”
The story told in Extreme Whether is modeled on Dr. James Hansen, America’s preeminent climate scientist, who told Congress in 1988 that global warming had begun, was vilified and has become a citizen-scientist-activist, and on Dr. Jennifer Francis, whose 2012 theories of the effects of melting Arctic ice on extreme weather patterns in the Northern Hemisphere were no less prescient and attacked.
We are seeking other production oportunities for this powerful pl

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