EYE D – A Look at Real Stories From Asian American, Latina and African-American Women About Race, Ethnicity and the Beauty of Michelle Obama, by Christine Toy Johnson, is a documentary theatre piece reflecting issues of identity amongst multi-generational and multi-cultural women.

Combining dramatized interviews, spoken word, and music (including songs by Grammy Award winning composer of “From A Distance”, Julie Gold), EYE D gives voice to a cross-section of women of Asian American, African-American, Latina and multi-ethnic cultures; the various ways we are coping with the expectations and perceptions others have of us (in our own communities and society at large), and how this has effected our sense of self.

All stories were culled from interviews with over 50 women of Asian American, Latina, Caribbean Black and African-American descent, aged 23-85. Though the characters are composites, all stories told are true.