Fabric of the Forest

“The Fabric of the Forest” project took place within the context of Rebirth Arts Festival, a free, two-day celebration of Connecticut film, music, and art. August 12-13, 2016, Easton, CT.  Rural spaces and the artists living there come together to create an amazing experience for the whole community and anyone willing to travel.

Sova Theater brought live performance playing within the realm of outdoor art installations created for the forest & field at Rebirth Arts Festival as we were gradually transported together through improvisation with live music and a variety of local performers sharing with us.

Sova Theater advocates responsibility to humanity and the environment through arts and education.

Founder of Sova Dance and Puppet TheaterAdelka Polak engages audiences with mixed media performances with a focus on the environment. Her work utilizes mask, puppetry, video projections, sound, dance, storytelling, sculptural forms and live art with amplified drawing boards. She has performed at many theaters, art galleries, forests, and open space venues across the globe, including Denmark, the Czech Republic, Taiwan, Turkey, Bulgaria and South Korea.  As a teaching artist, Adelka creates programming and imaginative play throughout woodland areas with fairies, frogs, dragonflies, and toads, especially during the summer months. Adelka and her troupe of fairies were brought to Rebirth Arts Festival thanks to support from The Puffin Foundation, “Continuing the dialogue between art and the lives of ordinary people.”