Forgotten Species

For many seasons I have considered my work an examination of science and vulnerability. There is no anthropocentric failsafe. All are mortal and subject to nutritional access, disaster patterns, disease, climate, peace, and warfare. Audiences scrutinize safety as a universal concern without a border or a tax bracket. Consider what nature has artfully designed but has been ignored or exploited. We stoke awareness around bad ecological practices either done knowingly or unintentionally. Forgotten Species’ unusual mix of science and archeology with the crafted reclaimed materials engenders more than art collecting or admiration but good ecological stewardship. People have faced disasters before with civilizations decimated.Ā  Still, as we feel the costs of ecosystems failing, we need to make more concerned plans for our future and own up to the costs of past centuries’ lack of holistic thinking. The Center of the Creative Arts helped to support my work through its exhibition space, educational programming, and social outreach channels. Funding from the Puffin Foundation has supported this exhibition.