Hayden & Her Family

Family is one of the most basic and profound human experiences we all share. One out of twenty-five U.S. families with children have an adopted child through foster care, open or international adoptions. More than 90% of new adoptees require special medical attention and many more are waiting. Adoption is changing the way families are created as well as how society perceives them.

Jud and Elizabeth Curry are raising seven healthy biological children along with five adopted children with special needs. Hayden, their third adopted daughter from China has Linear Nevus Sebaceous Syndrome (LNSS) that severely distorts one side of her face and compromise her cognitive abilities. She becomes the thread of this story as various transformations take place in this large family through the years.

The fact is after the euphoria of “finding my child” in the adoption world, both parent and child have the challenges to change their attitudes in loving, parenting and trusting to move forward. By observing their intimate family life, the Currys more than show their patience, humility, sacrifices and resourcefulness to transform the lives of these children — and in so doing, transform their own.

HAYDEN & HER FAMILY is a feature documentary that makes a case for the Curry’s humanity and moral universe they inhabit. It also provides adoptive parents a safe space to share their adoption experiences and concerns without judgments while provoking some soul-searching ideas on the definition of family, parenting and our obligations to helping others.