Invasive Species Sculpture Project

The Invasive Species Sculpture Project (ISSP) is a public participatory art project, taking place at festivals, nature centers, and public parks in the South Eastern Appalachia region. After a short talk about invasive species and their effects on forests, woodlands and native plant communities, participants will be guided in an invasive species identification and removal plant walk. The removed plant material is gathered under a temporary studio/tent and is then woven tied and bound together to create creatures, monsters, invasive species sculptures. Participants then invade the grounds with the careful installation of these sculptural creatures.

With a shift away from coal production in the South Eastern Appalachian Region. There is the need to build a strong land ethic that promotes the care of the natural beauty and diverse ecosystems, which are the foundation of a sustainable, equitable economy in the Appalachian region. The Invasive Species Creature Project provides an interactive educational experience that encourages familiarity with ones natural surroundings and provides an instructive example of how to take responsibility and act in a creative and proactive manner to effect positive change.

The goal of this project is broad in that I am trying to reach as many people as possible with a direct, creative experience of land stewardship in order to promote a deeper connection to place and commitment to a sustainable lifestyle in the South Eastern Appalachian region. This project provides a direct dialogue between art the land and the lives of ordinary people.

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