It Takes a Village

It Takes a Village” Installation Project will consist of many hand crafted house’s made out of clay. The idea is to have these houses furnish the floor of an art gallery. The participation of each individual is essential to the creation of the village. The houses are used as metaphors that illuminates each individual’s identity. Creating the clay houses is crucial for the unity of the project. The dictionary’s definition of a house is; a dwelling that serves as living quarter’s or a building in which something is sheltered or located. This concept mirrors how we define ourselves within these spaces. We collectively live in communities made up of houses or shelters. Perhaps upon examination of these factors, we will be able to view our interconnectedness with not only our immediate neighbor, but the world around us as well.
Having visited various groups of people in homeless shelters, harvest fairs, rehabilitative hospitals, and various schools I have collected over 3,000 shelters. Presently the homes are being shown under a large Beechwood tree for an art salon.