Labor Arts Program

Labor Art classes for students from grades 3-5 are held on Saturdays at the American Labor Museum/Botto House National Landmark. The purpose of the classes is to introduce students to the history and contemporary issues of immigrants and the labor movement, as a means of inspiration to create visual art projects and participate in the performing arts. The classes are scheduled from September through December 2012 and March through May 2013. Topics to be addressed include Mary Harris “Mother” Jones and the March of the Mill Children, “La Causa: The United Farm Workers, Eliminating Sweatshops, Sing Out: Labor Songs of Yesterday and Today, Teaching Tolerance in the Workplace, Working in Silk City, Paterson, NJ, and Si, Se Puede, Yes We Can: Justice for Janitors.

Museum Education Director Evelyn Hershey conducts the Saturday classes from 11:30AM-1PM at the Botto House, home of the Aemrican Labor Museum. Labor educator and Museum Director Angelica M. Santomauro, Ed.D., serves as the administrator of the project.