“Lamentations” is a handmade artist’s book, signed and numbered, dedicated to people,Ā  past and present, who have suffered from migration, displacement and exile. In 1997, while I was an artist-in residence at the Brandeis Bardin Collegiate Institute in Brandeis, California, I began drawing illustrations for “Lamentations” (written circa 6th century BCE). In 2014, I returned to these illustrations with a burst of creative energy and rewrote the biblical text in contemporary language to eliminate archaisms. I took further risk and liberty in removing historical and religious contexts that might distract from the pertinent and universal prophecy.

The goal is to make these artist’s books in a revised edition which will provide greater economy and possibilities of distribution. With help from the Puffin foundation, non-profits and individuals who deal with immigration and refugees, will be able to use these books as fund raisers, awards and acknowledgement gifts. I will donate 50% of sales to non-profits that are also attempting to tip the balance against the forces of racism, poverty and oppression.