land and flower

The tallgrass prairie once extended for millions of acres across the Great Plains.Ā  Much of this native ecosystem has been uprooted and lost to the till of settlers, westward expansion, and the relentless sprawl of development. Only 3% remains.

This land (all land) is both home and habitat; a narrative of balance, interdependence, and co-existence. These remnants root us in not only the layers of our history, but in our personal identity and connection to place, thus holding our pasts, our peoples, and our hopes for the future seeded in this fertile yet disappearing soil.

Adapted from a poem by Megan Kaminski, land and flower is an artful acknowledgment of the vibrant native prairie, an emergent benediction, and a call to conservation of this rare and endangered ecosystem. The Kansas City-based strings duo, The Wires provide the original film score.