Launch of the public art Mural Project: A Sense of Place

Artist Georgeanne Gaffney is the selected Muralist for the 2023 Tahawus Center’s Outdoor Mural Project, “A Sense of Place.”  The mural will be located at the end of a rectangular pocket park which Tahawus calls “the Grotto.”  It lies between Tahawus and the Ausable Theater, in Au Sable Forks  – a “hidden gem,” just waiting to be revealed!

Georgeanne Gaffney is a landscape, portrait, and decorative artist.  She collaborates with designers, architects and clients on commercial and residential projects such as murals, decorative finishes, custom color matching and design.  Originally from Maryland, Georgeanne has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Towson University.  Saranac Lake, NY has been her home since 2004.

Georgeanne works in a variety of media including acrylic, encaustic, oils, watercolors and pastels. Her fine art pieces have a romantic and mysterious quality achieved by her use of a rich color palette and multiple layers and glazes.

Gaffney says, “In my experience, murals spark the imagination of the community and create a sense of pride and unity.”  Her proposal for “A Sense of Place” was inspired by the Ausable River gorge in the Adirondacks.  Working from her own photographs she says her paintings are characterized by “intimate observations expressed in subtle shadows and dappled light.  They celebrate and initiate a dialogue about a relationship with nature.”  She says she “prefers using rich colors to bring out the mystery in shadows and other magical elements.”

Starting in 2023, over the winter Gaffney will scale and prepare her design.  During the warm weather phase, a crew will be assembled (combination of youth volunteers and skilled labor) under the direction of the artist, to assist in execution of the design on the prepared wall.  And finally, upon completion, Tahawus will create a “ribbon cutting and thank you” event to celebrate the achievement for the artist and the community, volunteers, and supporters of the project.

Tahawus Artistic Director, Rebecca Kelly says, “There are a lot of moving parts to make a mural happen. We were looking for a proposal that will transport the viewer to another place – a realistic illusion of three-dimensional space using an Adirondack-themed image.  And we wanted an artist who can engage the community in the process.  Georgeanne Gaffney is that artist, and Tahawus looks forward to the magical story she will reveal in its “hidden gem Grotto.”