LET THE PHOENIX RISE/ Sistah Tribe Theater Project

The Phoenix Project is a therapeutic theater collective which uses our play LET THE PHOENIX RISE! as a template for healing through The Phoenix Project Creative Arts Workshop. Our comprehensive therapeutic creative arts workshop utilizes LTPR as a reference and a catalyst for women and girls to tell their own stories via poetry, fairytale, mask work, dramatization, and through a variety of art mediums that will morph their ideas and words into visual form. We are committed to bringing our work and message of healing and Self-reclamation to marginalized, traumatized, culturally under-served women and girls in the public sector of New York City.

Laura Gosheff and Sheri Heller’s commitment to this mission led to the writing of “Let the Phoenix Rise!,” a play inspired by the creative process and writings from therapeutic workshops facilitated by Sheri Heller. Accordingly, LTPR! is based on the true stories of four troubled teenage girls, and their personal tribulations and triumphs over adversity. As they struggle to make sense out of the circumstances they were born into, their journeys become imbued with fairytale, magical images, symbolism and life affirming directives, conveyed in Greek Chorus tradition, all of which is guided by the Archetypal Mother who poses as a Counselor in order to assist their transformation. We hope to convey through LTPR! that the human journey, with all its broken dreams and struggles, is a sacred exploration of self and others. It is through creativity, humanity, and love that adversity is survived and meaning is discovered.

Additional Websites: http://phoenixprojectnyc.blogspot.com/, https://www.facebook.com/ThePhoenixProjectNYC