making ourselves visible: a day-long project in feminist space-making

Making ourselves visible is Jen Kennedy and Liz Linden’s one-day experiment in feminist space-making. Bringing their ongoing, collaborative project to the Sackler Center for Feminist Art in the Brooklyn Museum, Kennedy and Linden are joined by prominent artists, writers, scholars, and activists who will share their expertise in a series of teach-ins and discussions.

Making ourselves visible is an interactive artwork that becomes a physical Venn Diagram mapping contemporary feminist practices. Visitors will encounter a series of interactive platforms designed to allow them to reflect on and represent their politics:

REFERENDUM • Dispersed throughout the museum, REFERENDUM consists of a number of polling stations, where participants are asked to answer a series of questions, visually registering their thoughts in the ballot boxes. VOTE!

book swap . . . • book swap . . . is a pop-up installation of our ongoing feminist lending library where visitors are encouraged to take a book from the constantly evolving collection of feminist texts in exchange for leaving one from their own. Take any book you want as long as you leave a different book – any other book that you think is feminist – behind.

“Dictionary of Temporary Approximations” • What happens when we are forced to temporarily set aside the terms of the past and asked to discuss feminism in a language that is rooted artificially and solely in the present? Help us develop a new provisional lexicon, a “Dictionary of Temporary Approximations,” by removing words that problematically tie “feminism” to an historical moment and suggesting new, of-the-moment replacements. Add to, excise, and amend our existing dictionary, with your own suggestions and critiques. Let’s examine contemporary feminism ON ITS OWN TERMS.

duplicates • Bring copies of your original feminist artworks (photographs, prints, paintings, texts, collage, etc.) to show in the one-day open-call exhibition.