Mels Love Land

This docu-series explores all aspects of love. It is the true story of what happened when I heard a voice that told me to ‘Love Everyone.’  What would the world be like If all our thoughts were loving? A series and an exploration that imagines the possibilities of peace, productivity and prosperity on the planet.

Using available camera, social media, a meditative heart centered interviewing process and in the moment interactions each episode bares witness, without judgement, to a love of all things. In allowing an authentic expression of the heart to flow I opened a portal to witnessing the world with a listening heart, co-creating landscapes of love by sharing the depths of presence, showcasing revelations of unbounded grace that lives and breathes in love. Love of what we do, who we are, and how we interact with the world, sharing our gifts, sharing our hearts and sharing what we love. Each frame expresses, radiates, if you will, what drives us and motivates us, and happens to us when we shift to our loving. Literally. Allowing love to lead the way.

I’ve always been interested in our interconnectedness, the ways we are all a part of the collective heart, the synchronicities of our existence and how inter-planetary energies are always at work throughout the constellations of our earthly existence. When I say our thoughts create our realities and every living thing is me, I acknowledge the frequencies that are continuously being broadcast and playing our projections. Breaking through illusory broadcasts of our fear filled thoughts takes new broadcasts, new frequencies and the consistent care and heart work in connection to our soul’s code. I hope this work activates something unremembered in your heart, I hope this showcase of love invites you to shift your POV, and I hope this shift realizes a new peace filled earth.

May you be uplifted and comforted by all you do. May the kindness and beauty of the world you experience be returned to you a thousand fold and may you always consider the possibility there is another way.


Melanie is a writer, filmmaker and love activist living in Los Angeles, CA

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