MIZARU ~see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil~

MIZARU is a dance performance with interactive multimedia and live music, exploring life and death, technology and the human body. 
The border between life and death exists everywhere. This border is happening every moment, we just do not realize it. It’s hidden and decorated by many things.
The title MIZARU is the name of one of the three wise monkeys in Japanese Culture, Mizaru Kikazaru Iwazaru , better known in English as See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil.  The literal translation of Mizaru is “not to see.” 

In our performance, we take the curtain off. 

We use two significant interactive installations Firewall  and A Haunting in MIZARU.
Firewall is an interactive installation we developed for Mizaru. It features a piece of spandex that people can press into and create fire like visuals as well as expressively play music. We’ll use two in the performance that dancers will interact with.
A Haunting sends electricity through the human body and make sounds as bodies touch each other.