Musical Access: Music Week (2014)

SOUNDS Academy is a music program in Phoenix, Arizona that teaches, mentors, and provides musical experiences and opportunities to underserved youth. In November of 2014, we exposed over 400 students to music in a unique way through our Musical Access Program. As a part of “Music Week”, we wanted to inspire children in lower income schools to participate in instrumental music.

On Day 1, we introduced students to instruments of the strings family. Students listened to melodies played on the violin, viola, cello, and double bass. Students learned the history and roles of the instruments. They also learned about the value of perseverance and resilience while learning to play an instrument and the reason why it is important to have these qualities.

On Day 2, an Instrument Petting Museum was brought to the school. Students came to stations to experience playing the instruments and experience how easy it is to do so. They learned the value of creativity while discovering how to play instruments.

On Day 3, The Tetra String Quartet brought students inside their “Musical Melting Pot”. The students heard various melodies and tunes from around the world from different time periods. They were particularly excited to see a string quartet performing “Shake It Off”. You could see how elated they were as they sang along. Students learned the value of leadership and teamwork while asking questions of a professional string quartet.

On Day 4, our final day of Music Week, students and parents signed up to participate in the SOUNDS Academy Program. Families saw and heard instruments for a final time and asked questions about the benefits of children playing instrumental music.

This was a very successful week of events that lead to many students participating in an after-school strings program. 100% of the students have remained in the program. These students will have their first performance in April of 2015 and another performance in May.

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