New Generation Arts Lab

I hosted the New Generation Arts Lab, a recurring open studio event in the arts district of Northeast Minneapolis, in order to encourage creativity, increase participation in the arts, and develop dialogue and connections within my community.

During open studio events throughout the year, the New Generation Arts Lab hosted activities that were unexpected, fun, and interactive. Activities at each of these events included elements that encouraged visitors to:
• Play,
• Create, and
• Experience.
Some of these activities included directed prototyping, recreating favorite memories, interactive storytelling, a haiku wall, and more.

By hosting participatory activities, the New Generation Arts Lab accomplished the following goals:
1. Encouraged creativity
The New Generation Arts Lab encouraged attendees to participate in making art. It served as a place for people to gather, exchange ideas, tell stories, work together, and play. Through active participation in flexibly structured activities, participants felt comfortable to experiment artistically and share their own stories in a friendly, safe environment.

2. Increased participation in contemporary art
Since I started hosting the ‘experiments,’ I have seen several repeat visitors. In addition, more people have come into my studio because of these activities and stayed for a longer amount of time than they would have if they had only been looking at work on the walls.

3. Catalyzed conversation and connection
By encouraging creativity and increasing participation, the New Generation Arts Lab has started to build a microcosm of connected artists and regular attendees from across the community. In the long run, I hope that these connections and creative habits will help spur new innovation that advances progressive social change.