Play By Play

Run by Judith Offer, playwright, and Fallon Blaser, who developed the space in an historic church now called Brooklyn Preserve, the Play By Play series has the following objectives: a chance for the playwright to read the whole play; participation by any and all ethnic groups, ages, and backgrounds; and a call for more good parts for women.  It is particularly important to do this in Oakland, they feel, because there are near zero opportunities in small theatres for a playwright to have new work produced.  In fact, the creators of the series hope some day to produce some of the pieces in the space.  Judith in particular sees Oakland as a treasure chest of plays waiting to be written…with over 400,000 people from virtually every country in the world, there are many good stories to tell!

                The small “black box” theatre is not black at all but a beautiful, sun-lit, round, turreted space with stained glass windows.  The participants come from all over the San Francisco area to enjoy Sunday afternoons of reading aloud; discussing the work and theatre in general; noshing; and making new friends. It has been a learning and sharing opportunity for all who attend, and the two creators are very pleased to be facilitating real conversations with the wonderful Bay Area citizens harking from every part of the world.