Remembering the 4th Ward, Englewood NJ

When one looks back over ones years of memories, one recalls bells and whistles, vibrant colors, languages and emotions. The terrain of life sometime presents struggles and battles, but memories remain untouched. They become part and parcel of our very being, and holding on to this portion of one soul sometimes is no picnic, memories change from being vibrant to black and white as we live life on life terms…until Place appears, a landmark of sorts, from a stoop to a park, to a place where other memoir intertwine. Traditions are shared, smiles begin to appear, and life is restored to the most vibrant common denominator, community. Social evolution at what cost. The tapestry of hope, is woven with trends of our past. Is the question of future dependent upon the bottom line of anti-community. Have we stopped sharing the same dream. Should one seek to hold on to once grand memories or is the will of the will giver to let the will taker win.