Sacred Space: An Exploration of the Southern Utah Landscape

Need for Arts Investment in the Paiute Indian Community:

“Tribal children attend public schools but nothing is taught regarding art as it relates to the Paiute culture. I am not sure about the quality of art instruction available in the public schools. Southern Utah University has a good art department but many of the tribal members can’t afford tuition.

Currently the unemployment rate for tribal members is around 35%. The members are scattered across 200 miles of Southern Utah, many living in small villages. Travel to university programs and tuition are the main obstacles. Certainly poverty is a big factor, the cost of art supplies is a big deterrent to tribal members practicing their skills.

The tribe has 892 members living in four general areas. Three villages are on reservation but about half of the population live out in the surrounding cities and towns.”

Gaylord Robb, Economic Development Director, Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah

Update: 5/22/13 The image seen below is actual artwork by one of the children using highest quality watercolor crayons bought by the grant. The assignment was to make posters for fire safety. The highest quality art materials are still in use! 🙂

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